Tuesday, May 3, 2011

PAGETYPE Enumeration in SP 2010


Many time we need to direct user’s from custom pages to SharePoint’s OOB list or library specific view, edit, display, dialog pages. In those scenarios developer needs to create the navigating url from the code using some logics like URL = Site Name + Page Type + List/ Library ID + Item ID …
This parameters usually passed in the form of query string. For better understanding, open the Edit form of a list/ library item and study the url.
While you can retrieve Site Name, List/ Library ID or Item ID programmatically, you need to know the Page Type value for constructing that url. Following table lists all the Page Type values available in SharePoint 2010 platform:

Member Name Description
PAGE_INVALID Not used. Value= -1.
PAGE_DEFAULTVIEW Default view. Value=0.
PAGE_NORMALVIEW Normal view. Value=1.
PAGE_DIALOGVIEW File dialog box view. Value=2.
PAGE_VIEW View, including both default view and normal view. Value=3.
PAGE_DISPLAYFORM Display form for list items. Value=4.
PAGE_DISPLAYFORMDIALOG Display form for a file dialog box. Value=5.
PAGE_EDITFORM Edit form for list items. Value=6.
PAGE_EDITFORMDIALOG Edit form for a file dialog box. Value=7.
PAGE_NEWFORM New form for list items. Value=8.
PAGE_NEWFORMDIALOG New form for a file dialog box. Value=9.
PAGE_SOLUTIONFORM Solution form. Value=10.
PAGE_MAXITEMS Not used. Value=11.

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