Monday, May 16, 2011

Checklist for WSS 3.0 to SP 2010 Migration using Detach–Attach Method

Today we completed migration of around 200 sites from WSS 3.0 platform to SP 2010 platform. There are mainly two basic ways to do the same:

  • In-place upgrade
  • Database attach upgrade

Before starting the upgrade process, you need to determine the upgrade approach. Following TechNet documentation provides excellent comparison between the different upgrade process and helps you to plan and prepare for the upgrade process:

Determine Upgrade Approach @ TechNet

In our case, we selected Database Attach Upgrade method. And there is one excellent check list available from Microsoft in TechNet. We just followed that and in a bang we migrated good amount of WSS 3.0 sites to SP 2010 environment. From the following url you can access the checklist:

Checklist for Database Attach Upgrade @ TechNet



  1. I am looking to upgrade my existing WSS 3.0 environment to SharePoint 2010 and for that thinking to use Database Attach method. But before getting started with this I think it will be good to know everything that it deals with.

  2. I've created a new SharePoint Development Site, and as directed in the last article linked above, created a new Web application, Site Collection, etc, using the same URL as the existing WSS 3.0 Web its the perfact way that i m go.