Thursday, June 19, 2014

Status Indicator webPart not showing status icon

Today I created a SharePoint list (say XYZ) and then a Status List. Then in the Status list I added the SharePoint list XYZ by selecting New > SharePoint List based status indicator. It was working as expected.
Next I went to the Home page of my site and as per the requirement tried to show the current status by editing the page and then adding the Status List WebPart there. But as soon as I finished adding the Status List as a webPart, I noticed the Status Indicator was not showing up. I created new views, changed different settings but of no use. Soon I realized there must be a different way to show the status in the webpart. And that way is to use Status List webPart or Indicator Details webPart from under the Business Data webPart category. Once you add either of the above into the page, it is going to tell you to 'Open the tool pane' to configure it. In the tool pane select your Indicator List i.e., your status list and select Apply > OK and you are done! Save the page, check it in if necessary and now you will see the status icon showing up in your desired page.


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