Thursday, August 27, 2009

To merge the assemblies created during ASP.NET 2.0 pre-compilation

In a SharePoint centric project, one needs to build User Controls and WebParts. Now, both of them should have different namespace and after compilation will create different assemblies. Another scenario is, if you are building Web Application Project in VS 2005, then you dont have any dll as the result of compilation. But, in SharePoint centric development you need one assembly which you are ssupposed to put in the GAC.

To solve this kind of irritating problem, Microsoft provides an add-in that consists of a tool to merge the assemblies created during ASP.NET 2.0 pre-compilation, and provides a comprehensive UI within Visual Studio 2005 to manage build configurations, merging, and using pre-build and post-build tasks with MSBuild.
You can download the add-in from the following location -

After downloading and Installation, open up your solution. Select Web Application Project in the Solution Explorer, riht click and select Add Web Deployment Project. Next give the name and location for it and select OK.
Now, In Solution Explorer, select Web Deployment Project that you have just added and right click on it and select Property. In the property dialog box, you can manipulate its behaving patterns, like - strong name key, assembly name, version etc. etc. When you are done save it and Then Build the Web Deployment Project. Next, go to the location in your hard drive where the web deployment project physically resides. There you will find the Bin folder, inside which your new born sweet assembly resides... :)

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